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Unlike any other, more basic backup and recovery solutions, the Blair Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution leverages our 25 years of data protection experience culminating in a more extensive and comprehensive offering.

Our comprehensive solution is designed to simplify your backup process, mitigating your security and data loss risks. At Blair Technology Solutions, we provide the right level of backup protection for each application. We also offer custom packages to enhance your experience through troubleshooting, incorporate helpful self-managed portals and boost your overall activity and efficiency within your organization.

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Our Methodology

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We Assess

We analyze your existing infrastructure and future growth needs to proceed with migration, using discovery and assessment tools to identify your backup needs

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We Design

We determine your risks and interdependencies to achieve optimal design, comparing plans to recommend the most appropriate option for you

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We Deploy

We align your budget, resources, timeline and objectives to choose the best migration path and build a plan that will ensure a smooth deployment

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We Manage

We manage your backups to ensure they are available when yuo need it, and offer a fully-managed support and monitoring function to help you in the event you need to activate your backed up data.

 Customer Use Case

An award-winning integrated marketing agency serving a variety of enterprise-level clients, needed to simply and enhance their IT infrastructure

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The marketing agency needed to implement enterprise grade infrastructure and deploy a cost-effective backup plan to store, manage and protect their business data

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  • Conducted an IT Assessment of their current data centre environment and business objectives

  • Recommended and installed IBM Storwize V5030 All Flash Storage to ensure data was adequately protected

  • Implemented Cloud Backup for data and email

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  • Optimized storage efficiency and performance

  • Cloud backup provides the flexibility to scale up as business demands grow

The Blair Advantage

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We offer a simple, scalable data protection solution tailored to meet your specific backup requirements. The benefits include full utilization of our 24×7 support with tiered service level agreements that leverage our 25 years of experience in backup solutions.

We simplify the complications of your operation, including day-to-day backup and recovery, as well as disaster relief recovery.

This simplification will reduce your overall IT costs by eliminating the need to acquire and maintain multiple disparate infrastructures.